Re:dish Growing

Re:dish has an allotment on Harrogate Road in North Reddish.

We are using our allotment to provide a range of activities that will improve mental well-being and physical fitness, whilst teaching people to grow fruit and vegetables and providing an outdoor social space to facilitate socialising and integration.

We will use the facilities offered by a local church to teach people how to prepare tasty food using the fresh allotment produce.

Our allotment helps to foster a spirit of community in North Reddish, bringing people together to be creative and productive, learn new skills, and acquire basic qualifications and, for some, it will provide a green space that they do not otherwise have access.

Growing volunteers have the opportunity to turn a run-down allotment plot into something to be proud of. We are hoping to plans some Event Days at the allotment, including a healthy eating day, planting workshops, building bird boxes, a hot potato night and a barbeque for local families.

To date the community allotment project has already received a great deal of interest from residents who want to learn how to grow their own vegetables and eat more healthily on a tight budget.


If you would like to volunteer with Re:dish Growing, please use this link to volunteer.